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The rough set

aims to create a portrait of contemporary culture through assembly and remix of cultural elements: information snippets and images presented in a visual magazine format. At the heart the project is interested in creating a channel to present, collect and distribute knowledge and understanding of cultural shifts rather than create products, previously so central to art production. Closely linked to reportage and activism, it uses aphoristic and fragmentary texts that are extracted from media such as podcasts, magazines and social channels. Images are produced and sourced from archives, 3D packages, photographs, and 2d graphics.

The project takes its name from Rough Set Theory, which was introduced by Z. Pawlak in 1982. This mathematical tool is used for handling uncertainty, particularly when there is indiscernibility between objects in a set. Rough Set Theory is concerned with the classification and analysis of imprecise, uncertain, or incomplete information and knowledge. It has proven to be useful in various knowledge discovery processes and is well recognized in the field of pattern recognition.

Repository: collects and combines aphorisms & text fragments, archival and synthetic images.
This projects appropriates, interprets, reconfigures
and interrogates the contemporary through an archival lense. The principal vehicles of this artistic practices — photography and text — are also preeminent forms of archival material. Shaped by mass-media experience and it's enterprise it attempts to open up a new pictorial and historiographic vision and cultural depiction against the exactitude of the photographic trace.
—after Onkwui Enwezor
Portrait of an epoch - updated weekly.
The archive is first the law of what can be said, the system that governs the appearance of statements as unique events. But the archive is also that which determines that all these things said do not accumulate endlessly in an amorphous mass, nor are they inscribed in an unbroken linearity, nor do they disappear at the mercy of chance external accidents; but they are grouped together in distinct figures, composed together in accordance with multiple relations, maintained or blurred in accordance with specific regularities; that which determines that they do not withdraw at the same pace in time, but shine, as it were, like stars, some that seem close to us shining brightly from far off, while others that are in fact close to us are already growing pale.
—Michel Foucault
The rough set is a mathematical tool used for handling uncertainty, particularly when there is indiscernibility between objects in a set.
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